Composite Fillings & Bonding

Composite Fillings & Bonding in Clearwater, FL

1434Composite Fillings & Bonding - Before Treatment - Composite Fillings & Bonding 1434Composite Fillings & Bonding - After Treatment - Composite Fillings & Bonding
1442Composite Fillings & Bonding - Before Treatment - Composite Fillings & Bonding 1442Composite Fillings & Bonding - After Treatment - Composite Fillings & Bonding
1444Composite Fillings & Bonding - Before Treatment - Composite Fillings & Bonding 1444Composite Fillings & Bonding - After Treatment - Composite Fillings & Bonding

Composite fillings (resin filling) are similar in function to amalgam fillings, however, they are nearly undetectable due to their ability to be color-matched to surrounding teeth. Composite fillings have numerous advantages when compared with traditional amalgam and continue to grow in popularity.

The Advantages of Resin Filling, or Composite Fillings

  • A composite filling’s ability to be color matched to the surrounding teeth affords the option to use composite fillings in highly visible areas, such as front teeth.
  • The strong bond achieved with the use of composite fillings actually strengthens the tooth structure. The resin filling chemically bonds to the tooth itself.
  • Resin filling material is undetectable when you smile, talk, or laugh. Composite fillings look completely natural.
  • The adaptable nature of resin filling material allows the dentist to use it not only for fillings but also to repair chipped or broken teeth, restoring them to their natural shape and size.
  • The composite fillings require less of the tooth structure to be removed for placement as a result of the chemical bond.
  • Composite fillings are comprised of a mixture of plastic and glass. There is no metal in a resin filling nor is there any mercury.

Northwood Dental offers composite fillings (resin filling) in our Clearwater, FL practice. From a patient’s perspective, the composite filling process is simple and easy. Patients are numbed for comfort and any tooth decay is completely removed. Resin filling material is bonded to your remaining tooth structure in layers. These layers of resin filling are cured, or hardened, with a special light. The resin filling is then shaped to match your bite and polished to prevent the resin filling material from staining.

If your concern is broken, chipped, or worn teeth, composite fillings may be the right option for you.

Dental Bonding in Clearwater, FL

Dental bonding is a common treatment option that’s usually used:

  • To close the spaces between teeth
  • To repair decayed teeth
  • To make teeth appear longer
  • To improve the shape or color of teeth
  • To repair a chipped or cracked tooth
  • To reduce sensitivity to hot or cold when gums recede

The Tooth Bonding Procedure

  1. Step 1
    1. Dental bonding is a relatively comfortable procedure, with anesthesia rarely needed unless the bonding is to repair a decayed tooth. If, however, anesthesia is needed, you will be numbed.
  2. Step 2
    1. Your dentist will then use a shad guide to select a resin color that most closely matches the natural color of your teeth. This is to ensure that the bonding material blends into your smile and does not look too white or too yellow.
  3. Step 3
    1. The surface of your tooth will then be roughened to ensure that the resin bonds completely with the tooth. The resin is then applied to the tooth and smoothed and molded to fit the tooth. The resin is then cured using an ultraviolet light. The bonding will then be polished so it is smooth and matches the rest of the tooth surfaces. The bonding process takes about 30-60 minutes to complete per tooth.

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