Northwood Dental Now Accepts New Patients with Gum Disease in Clearwater, FL for Gentle Laser Dentistry

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Patients with gum disease in Clearwater, FL can now receive laser dentistry treatments from Drs. Jill Hagan, David Wagner, Saravana Karunagaran and Gabrielle Goodman at their Northwood Dental practice. The doctors proudly utilize the innovative LANAP® protocol to gently treat gum disease harnessing the precise and minimally-invasive nature of laser technology.
Drs. Hagan, Wagner, Karunagaran and Goodman encourage patients with gum disease in Clearwater, FL, to schedule a laser dentistry appointment and find out how virtually painless treatment can be. Those who do not receive treatment for their gum disease symptoms can experience more severe levels of pain as the disease progresses, as well as an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and other serious systemic effects. Leaving periodontal disease untreated can also lead to chronic halitosis and eventually loss of one or more teeth.
The LANAP protocol targets diseased gum tissue more effectively and gently than other treatment methods, which require painful incisions. It is also associated with shorter and less painful recovery times as a result which allows patients to quickly return to their daily lives. The LANAP protocol is the only laser treatment for periodontal disease that has been FDA approved for tissue regeneration, which makes it a very attractive option for patients who are concerned about jaw bone loss due to missing teeth.
Drs. Hagan, Wagner, Karunagaran and Goodman strongly urge patients with gum disease in Clearwater, FL, to seek treatment as soon as they can. The earlier laser dentistry services are received, the more positive the outcome. Appointments can be scheduled by calling Northwood Dental at 727-288-9085.
About the Practice
Northwood Dental is a family and cosmetic dental practice offering personalized dental care to patients in Clearwater, FL. Drs. Jill Hagan, David Wagner, Saravana Karunagaran and Gabrielle Goodman offer a variety of experienced dental services including laser dentistry, dental implants, Invisalign®, periodontal treatments, sleep apnea and preventative dentistry. The Northwood Dental team strives to offer the latest techniques in dentistry utilizing the most advanced technology in order to offer patients leading care they can depend on. To learn more about Northwood Dental or Drs. Hagan, Wagner, Karunagaran or Goodman, please visit their website at or call (727) 288-9085 to schedule an appointment.


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