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At Northwood Dental, we provide patients with a wide range of dental treatments including preventative care, general dentistry, cosmetic services, and emergency care. With four expert doctors in the practice and an experienced professional staff, we are able to offer comprehensive dental services. Find out more information about our Clearwater dental services, pricing, and scheduling an appointment by speaking to one of our representatives.

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While at-home, oral hygiene like brushing twice daily, flossing and using mouthwash is extremely helpful in deterring dental ailments like decay and bad breath. However, preventative dentistry is a key component in having a healthy mouth and body. Our doctors can provide additional assistance in preventing tooth loss, infection and inflammation, and other long-term conditions. Preventative treatments can ward off serious problems later on as well as help reinforce the practice of healthy habits.

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For patients who need general dentistry services for restoration and to repair damage, we can discuss cosmetic procedures like teeth straightening and whitening in addition to tooth extractions and root canals. Ask us about full and partial dentures and enjoy eating and speaking again with confidence. For those who suffer from dental sleep disorders like teeth grinding, snoring, and sleep apnea, we can provide treatment to assist in a good night’s sleep.

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At Northwood Dental, we offer new and existing patients quality dental care at affordable prices. For new patients, the first full exam is only $49.

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