Dental Implants

Restore Your Smile, Permanently, With Dental Implants.

Are you having trouble chewing properly because of missing teeth? Perhaps your speech is impeded or you don’t feel comfortable smiling due to tooth gaps. We smile when we’re happy, and research shows the physical act of smiling actually causes feelings of happiness as well. Not only are you sacrificing your comfort, but your happiness too!

If you’re hiding your smile because of tooth gaps, dental implants might be the best option to bring your confidence back and increase your happiness levels! Speak with our dental team for more information or to book your consultation.

Dr. Karunagaran: Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

We’ve already mentioned the impact of missing teeth on self-esteem, but replacing missing teeth is important for your physical health as well. A missing tooth creates a sort of domino effect within your mouth.

When you have a missing tooth, it upsets the interplay between teeth and bone causing the jawbone to shrink and your gums to pull back. This results in the weakening of neighboring teeth, which can then cause the teeth to collapse or shift, or lead to the loss of other teeth.

Furthermore, when your jawbone begins to shrink due to a missing tooth, your face will start to look older with your cheeks appearing hollow and saggy since your jaw is less able to stabilize your cheeks and lips from the inside.

In the end, every tooth counts, so contact us today for your personalized consultation.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a long-lasting solution to one or multiple missing teeth. Tooth implants are replacement tooth roots that are surgically placed in the jawbone, offering unrivaled stability and health benefits. With dental implants, you can feel confident when speaking and eating because they look and function just like your natural teeth. They are just one of many restorative dental procedures to restore your smile – permanently!

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The Advantages of Dental Implants

When you choose dental implants to help restore your smile and oral health, they offer a number of advantages because they:

  • Advantages of Dental Implants Function just like your natural teeth
  • Require no special care or additional maintenance
  • Halt bone loss
  • Improve speech
  • Restore the appearance of your smile
  • Will not damage the surrounding teeth
  • Improve and sustain oral health
  • Offer convenience since they avoid the need for messy adhesives
  • Have proven results that last a lifetime
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Have a success rate of up to 98%

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Who Is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

A sufficient amount of bone density is required to accommodate dental implants. Loss of bone begins as soon as a natural tooth is removed so we recommend seeking treatment as soon as possible after losing a tooth to injury or decay.

The Dental Implant Procedure

If you’re a candidate for tooth implants, you’re probably concerned about exactly what is involved and whether the procedure is painful. The dental implant procedure starts with your customized treatment plan. Your dentist will fully explain what will happen during your procedure so you can feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time.

The first part of the procedure begins with a tooth root implant made of titanium (which has been found to be bio-compatible) being placed into the bone socket of the missing tooth. From there, it’s up to your body’s miraculous healing ability to grow around the dental implant, anchoring it securely in the jaw. This fusing process (osseointegration) can take three to six months to fully heal.

Once fully healed, your dentist will attach a small connector post (called an abutment) to the tooth root implant to securely hold your new tooth. A custom crown is then added on top, completing the process and leaving you with a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Your new tooth will be crafted to match the color of your natural teeth so you’ll be able to enjoy all the health benefits and conveniences of a full set of teeth.

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