Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Dental implants and dentures are tooth replacement solutions that offer varying benefits.

Dental implants and dentures spare tooth replacement solutions that offer varying benefits. While dentures are more convenient up-front and familiar to many patients, dental implants offer unique health benefits other options cannot replicate. Implants have increased not only the look and function of our patients smiles, but their quality of life as well.


Tooth implants integrate into the jawbone, creating an anchored foundation. Dentures, however, are not fixed and may shift position when eating or talking. This can be detrimental to nutrition and confident communication.


We may implement the dental implant procedure in the replacement of one tooth, several teeth, or a full arch where dentures may only be used when many or all teeth are missing.


The titanium used for a tooth implant in the jawbone is a strong, biocompatible material. Denture components consist of acrylic, plastic, and a cast metal.


As soon as a tooth is lost, bone will begin to erode. Tooth implants incite blood flow and stimulate the bone, similar to the root of your natural teeth, preventing bone degradation. Dentures rest on the gums and do nothing to decrease the progression of bone loss. In actuality, choosing dentures increases bone loss over time.


The fact that dental implant systems, in lieu of dentures, preserve bone, alleviates another concern for patients. Bone density affects the structure of your face and if bone loss is allowed to continue, your facial structure may be affected. Most often this manifests in a sunken or hollow appearance.


With proper oral care, teeth implants, in effect, can last a lifetime. Dentures, conversely, may need to be replaced due to wear or an ill fit caused by progressive bone loss.

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