Laser Gum Surgery vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

What are the Differences?

Traditional surgery uses a scalpel requiring sutures. Laser gum surgery does not, resulting in less bleeding.

With laser gum surgery, patients experience less pain and downtime than they do with traditional surgery. Patients who have laser gum surgery for gum disease treatment rarely need pain medications and most return to work the next day.

Traditional surgery cuts into the gum line, creating gum recession even in healthy tissue. Laser gum surgery is minimally invasive and does not involve cutting of any kind. This gum disease treatment preserves gum tissue.

Laser gum surgery actually regenerates bone tissue and encourages connective reattachment of tissue by stimulating the bone surrounding the teeth. Even though both traditional surgery and laser gum disease treatment enjoy long lasting results, laser surgery gum disease treatment has the ability to save teeth, effectively reversing periodontal disease.

The healing times associated with gum disease treatment are much less with laser gum surgery than traditional. This is due to the fact that laser gum surgery requires no cutting and also because the laser assists in forming a seal around the tooth.

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