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Minimally Invasive With Great Results

Invisalign® is a series of clear braces allowing you to straighten your teeth and smile without detracting from your appearance. There are no brackets or wires to mar your face, which makes implementing them into your daily life simple and convenient.  We’ve been providing our patients with top quality invisible braces in Clearwater, FL, for years and look forward to helping you reclaim your smile today.

Clear Braces Overview

Invisalign® is a great option for people who want to straighten their teeth but do not want the unsightly appearance of braces. You only need to wear a clear aligner over your teeth, similar to the tray used for whitening. The aligner is custom-fitted for you by your Invisalign® specialist at Northwood Dental Care.

The clear aligners are designed specifically to be minimally invasive, and most adults and children are eligible for treatment. Most dental insurance covers at least a portion of the cost of your Invisalign® treatment, and the price is similar, if not less expensive, than traditional braces.

Northwood Dental Care will determine the cost and discuss financing plans when you come in to see us. Treatments last several months and are determined by the extent of overall shifting that must take place in order to straighten your teeth. We monitor your process along the way to ensure everything is going smoothly.

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The Invisalign® Process

Step 1

An initial Invisalign® consultation with one of our dentists at Northwood Dental Care will determine whether the product is right for you and your specific circumstances. We will discuss time frames, treatment costs, and any other questions you may have—we always welcome you to ask!

Step 2

At this point, the dentist will take pictures and a complete a state-of-the-art iTero 3D scan for a full mouth digital readout. iTero completely eliminates the errors and discomfort associated with traditional impressions. Using this technology, dentists can foretell the exact movements of your teeth during your tooth realignment process.

Step 3

It is now time for you to receive your custom aligners. Each set of clear aligners represents a step in your treatment plan. Dentists create the aligners to be worn for two weeks, causing a shift in teeth that will warrant the next custom-fitted tray. The aligners are made of BPA-free plastic.

Step 4

Aligners are removable, to better facilitate brushing and flossing. Invisalign® may be taken out while eating but should be worn throughout the day. Invisalign® is a convenient and more attractive path to a beautiful smile.

iTero Makes Invisalign® Easy

iTero Digital Impressions completely eliminate the need for messy putty and trays when doing dental impressions. These highly accurate renderings also eliminate the errors found using traditional methods, as the next generation impression system digitally scans a patient’s mouth and bite. We utilize iTero to get an accurate scan of a patient’s mouth so their aligner trays can be manufactured with pinpoint accuracy. iTero completely eliminates the errors and discomfort associated with traditional impressions.

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