What is Periodontics?

Periodontics refers to a specialty field of dentistry. A general dentist or periodontist is a dentist who treats “periodontal disease” or any of a range of ailments that affect the gums. Anything from gum infections, to severe gum deterioration would require the care of a general dentist or periodontist.

Much of a general dentists work has to do with helping patients who suffer from gum disease. However, they also perform cosmetic procedures to help patients achieve a better smile and higher satisfaction with their teeth and gums.

An excellent example of conventional gum treatment is the diagnosis and placement, maintenance, and repair of dental implants (components set into the jaw which help support other dental prosthetics like dentures).

Some of the common gum care care (periodontal care) treatments performed by a general dentist are deep teeth cleaning. This process includes clearing the teeth and gum areas of harmful build-up (such as plaque and tarter). There are even simple at-home gum treatments (under the instruction of Northwood Dental) such as Perio Protect that can greatly assist healthy gums and overall health.

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